New Mural at Art Angels Gallery in Los Angeles

Due to the mandatory closing of all non essential business we have had to close our gallery doors temporarily. Here at Art Angels we wanted to find a way of bringing art to the community and commissioned one of our favorite artists; PUNKMETENDER to paint and install a mural on the exterior of the gallery.

To many cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of a battle won, a beautiful goal achieved through perseverance. After all, only through the chrysalis can the plain caterpillar reach the heights of the butterfly.

However the butterfly’s most common symbolism is one pertaining to growth and progress. It teaches us to be aware of the heights we could reach, and to consciously work towards the summit. It reminds us that the long journey behind us is daunting — it is meant to be this way. After all, only through trials can we really taste the sweetness of victory.

Best wishes to all,

Art Angels