Art Angels at Soho House with Elizabeth Waggett | Mar 4th – Apr 2nd 2017

Art Angels at Soho House

Elizabeth Waggett - Labeled

A series of original drawings adorned with gold leaf challenging humanity's preconceived notions of value and worth in our consumable world

March 2nd - April 4th

Using time honored skills in a contemporary way, Elizabeth brings a modern twist to traditional forms through her photorealistic works. Elizabeth's social commentary seeks to illuminate the arbitrary value we place on useless and culturally devoid items, while simultaneously devaluing those things with innate value. She questions the relationships, behaviors and patterns of humanity.

Using the subject of animal, human skulls and personal artifacts, Elizabeth exposes the responsibility of the individual in owning the effects of their decisions. Adoring each piece with gold leaf and precious metal, the Gold Standard, which has been used for centuries, is a perfect representation of humanity's obsession with vain and valueless beauty. The dichotomy of the monochromatic pallet against the gold is a visual representation of the struggle of the inner self to balance greed and purpose.

The monochromatic pallet simplifies the form allowing a deeper exploration of the subject matter. This causes the viewer to focus first on a photographic representation of the skull, before a closer inspection reveals the true technique as well as the soul of each skull. This fine art technique takes hours of intense concentration before a final gilding of 24 karat gold leaf is applied. True to this fine art tradition, she only uses the highest quality materials, responsibly sourced, such as certified Saunders Waterford archival cotton paper and ethically sourced 24 karat gold