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Yoakim Belanger

Aluminum Works

When Yoakim Bélanger conceives his paintings, he thinks of the physicality of bodies and spaces which he paints, it is also with the eye of the film maker and the graphic designer. He pays great attention to the layout, framing and to the meticulous interplay of shadow and light. Thanks to this hybridity, he manages to sublimate the carnal texture of the naked bodies appearing of and in the material and to highlight the impulses and emotions which inhabit these bodies.

The artist ceaselessly constructs and deconstructs figurative image and pictorial material to reveal the expressive power of an uncommon place: the gap between the abstract and the figurative, between order and chaos, the shade and light, organic and architectural, the feminine and the masculine. His reflection focuses on the identification of a gray area between these dualities which fascinate him, an area he prefers to consider in terms of a point of contact. Refusing to choose between both terms of the opposition, since in his conception, one does not go without the other, he gives form and substance to this « in-between space » which, because it separates as much as it binds, contains the sum of the grades of each of the terms. Hence the powerful vibrating, emotional and symbolic force of this space! The seat par excellence of the tipping point, this liminal space is of a transformational dynamic whose equilibrium point – because it is inevitably fragile and precarious – must be constantly renewed to be appreciated.