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Stikki Peaches


Stikki Peaches’ work has been seen in the urban areas of Paris, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and London. Though covering international landscapes with his pop culture referenced, lowbrow street art, Stikki Peaches has also added to his ongoing street tapestry in his hometown of Montreal, Canada.

From his beginnings in 2009, his “What If Art Rules The World?” tagline had ever passer-by engaged in thought, while enjoying the embodiment and amalgamation of his unique and nostalgia laced street art.

Having had his first international solo show in 2013 in New York and having participated in the Scope Art Show NYC as well as in Art Basel Miami, Stikki Peaches now looks forward to his first European solo show in Paris, taking place in September 2016.

"I come from a creative background. My folks both worked in the textile industry: my dad a tailor, my mom a fashion designer. Being surrounded by endless amounts of sketches, patterns, story boards, colour palettes, I took the opportunity to take those scraps of paper and rejected sketches to turn them into something else by painting or colouring over them. My practice today stems from those memories and the nostalgic feeling of the 80’s and 90’s pop culture.”

-Stikki Peaches

Stikki Peaches - Batbond
Stikki Peaches - Kate Moss