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Stephen Wilson



From the feel of superior materials, to the attention to detail placed into each product, luxury houses like Chanel, Hermès, Valentino, Dior, and Gucci have been creating beautiful products for generations. Every product purchased from these luxury brands comes wonderfully packaged in a beautiful box. Usually we are very hesitant to throw one of these boxes away. They are a status symbol in and of themselves, so, inevitably the boxes usually go into storage somewhere, but are eventually discarded.


All of the boxes start with a concept. Since each piece is unique, this concept depends entirely on the box. Hermès boxes, for example, are more of a blank, orange canvas. The orange is such a luscious color that every other color Wilson uses seems to work with it, as he proceeds to add Hermès scarves to these pieces either as appliqué or as pom-poms. Some of the other boxes like Valentino and Gucci already feature amazing artwork in them, providing Wilson with an inspiring starting point based on what is already printed on the box itself.


Once Wilson decides on the concept, he digitizes the design for each box by hand. Each stitch and section of thread is hand-placed, one stitch at a time, to create the unique piece of art. Once the digitizing process is finished, all of the embroidery is stitched directly through the box, photograph or fabric, which are first carefully flattened and placed on the machine for embroidery. Some of the finished pieces have more than 250,000 stitches on them. Only stitching and appliqué are applied to some of the pieces, while others receive added embellishments.


Once the embroidery is finished, the artist decide show to embellish the piece further. The added embellishments could be lace flowers, patches, embroidered butterflies, or laser-cut box pieces. The embellishments and added details are interesting because they are all created specifically for the piece. Every butterfly and flower is stitched in the studio especially for the intended box, ensuring that no two pieces are ever identical.


Finishing and presentation are an important aspect to the piece. Each piece of art is mounted on board and then encased in an acrylic frame. The acrylic frame adds luxury to the piece without the visual distraction of a heavy frame. Since the art appears to float in the frame, the acrylic cases are perfect to mount next to each other. After installing over 40 pieces using this framing system, it is clear that, no matter the size of the pieces, they all look wonderful together.