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Russell Young


Russell Young’s WEST taps into our most primal instincts and our most grandiose dreams. Living and painting on what Young calls the “edge of America,” this large body of work looks upon wide open vistas that expand our understanding of freedom, danger, and possibility.

The journey towards these vistas begins in the anamorphic widescreens of Western films that Young watched growing up in Northern England. These fantasies eventually led him to America, where he has roamed ever since, unafraid to embody a land full of contradictions.

In WEST, Young both venerates and pulls apart “Wild West'' mythology to reveal the many prisms that underscore the particularly American need for reinvention even when it sacrifices truth. Young makes no such sacrifice; instead he holds all the things we choose to love and choose to erase in equal measure.

The series features imagery, references, and obsessions of Young’s own world built within the larger framework of the American drama. The spaghetti westerns he watched in his youth, NASCAR racers before they were safely regulated, 70s big wave Hawaiian surf photography, California girls, Hells Angels, nickel plated revolvers, bison, rodeos, the Marlboro Cowboy before he was commercialized into oblivion, Native American chiefs before they, too, were almost driven into oblivion—they all debut in Young’s quest to confront and interrogate the idealization of the American Southwest.

The breadth of this ever-expanding body of work is matched only by Young’s impulse to venture into the deserts and forests and oceans of America, to go as far west as possible.

I am rain, horses, whiskey,

murder, chaos, terror, gasoline,

lust, heartbreak, damnation, love,

Hollywood, lost, paranoia, horror,

violence, redemption, rattlesnakes,

sage, desert, raven, rolling thunder,

Hells Angel, cowboys, girls,

rustlers, riot, cold wind,

the Pacific and dust and death and God.


Russell Young - The Cowboy, Prairie Blue & Lightning Pink,
Russell Young - Unforgiven, Star Silver
Russell Young - Once upon a time in the West #1
Russell Young - The Wild Bunch, Peyote Pink
Russell Young - I Fought the Law, Black & White, 2018
Russell Young - Bear Warrior, Iron & Gold
Russell Young - Knockin On Heavens Door, 2018
Russell Young - Knockin On Heavens Door, Blue
Russell Young - Eagle Warrior, Rainbow Bridge #2, 2018
Russell Young - The Cowboy, Durango Red, 2018
Russell Young - The Last American Hero, Slab City Orange, 2018
Russell Young - Oasis in the Badlands Cheyenne Chief, Badlands Gold, 2018
Russell Young - The Wild Wild West, 2018
Russell Young - Hells Angels 1965 California, Berdoo Silver, 2018