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Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Dream Machine by Rubem Robierb

Painted Fiberglass sculpture with Fiberglass Base.

Each Wing & Base measures 9 ft x 6ft’ x 32” and weighs 120lbs

"I was looking for an image to represent liberty, justice and hope.

A monument for those that dream of a fair and equal society. A tribute to how fragile we are in our own circumstances but how strong we are in heart.

The center bullet is no longer necessary, because once you are between the wings and making a wish, YOU become the bullet. Now, you carry the power to realize the most impossible of dreams. On the base of each Dream Machine sculpture is the name of someone forgotten or famous who lived/died fighting for their own dreams, or for the dream of others.

That’s why I like to say: This is a monument for the dreamers, the ones who live and die making the impossible happen.”

Year 2017

Size 72 inches x 108 inches x 32inches

Signed Yes

Medium Painted Fiberglass sculpture with Fiberglass Base

Edition 6 - All Unique Variations


Dream Machine ×
Dream Machine