Power Flowers | Rubem Robierb | Artist | Art Angels

Rubem Robierb

Power Flowers

In his new series, Power Flowers, Robierb connects his bullet and war narrative with Andy Warhol and his flowers. Even the title of the series discloses the very intentional relation to Andy Warhol’s Flowers, which practically forces the viewer to reinterpret, review, and re-discover the meaning. With most of Robierb’s works, the layers of the painting are hidden in plain sight because upon closer inspection the presumed Warhol flower is not a flower – it is a bullet that has been shot and has exploded. It looks like a flower, but is far from it. Nothing is what it seems, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot un-see the expanded bullet. What started out as a pretty picture has been corrupted and you have no means of escaping the optical truth of the artwork. Robierb makes the viewer painfully aware of how violence and war can corrupt your vision, and how beautiful and how sad our pop war culture has become.