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Rubem Robierb


Bullet Fly Effect Series (2012-2014)

The visual prowess of Rubem Robierb’s Bullet Fly Effect Series secured his place in today’s modern art scene. As a sharp analogy to life, death and transformation, he combines the beauty and delicate innocence of a butterfly with a bullet to create a powerful metaphor for the violence in our world. At the same time the Bullet Fly alludes to chaos theory and the ‘butterfly effect’, where the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in New York can result in a tsunami in Japan as a result of universal interconnectivity on a subatomic level.

Robierb has developed his Butter Fly Effect series over several years, adding even more layers to the strongly visual and symbolic figure. He has applied a plethora of artistic expressions to that same subject including photography, acrylic painting, diamond dust technique, building graffiti, and sculpture.

Bullet and Butterflies (2015)

After two years of exploring and experimenting with butterflies and the bullet as the bug’s body, Robierb revisits his signature figures yet again – but this time dismembers them. It’s an evolution of the same work, but is evolved into becoming an installation piece that combines painting and sculpture on large scale. The butterfly has been split in two identical but mirrored life-size paintings of each wing, and the bullet body has materialized into a 37-inch tall aluminum bullet sculpture. With the wings being human-scale and the over-sized bullet in the middle, it becomes a strong symbol of hand- and man-made power. The viewer can easily position himself – both mentally and physically – between the two wings and feel the fragility of life through his interaction with the artwork as becomes both the butterfly and the bullet.

The bullet is Robierb’s idea of a 3-dimensional canvas that can be applied with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, chrome, and relief drawing to underline mankind’s desirability and glamorization of the bullet – even though it is one the most deadly things.