Reka Nyari

Punctured Ink

In Punctured Ink, Nyari elevated her works from 'Ink Series' with the process of perforating botanical-like references into the surface of each image (thus making each one of a kind). Her inspiration to physically puncture the previously pristine photographic prints stemmed from a childhood memory that occurred while she was living in Finland:

“I remembered my parents had this big pad of paper next to the home phone in Finland and I

Reka Nyari - Lune de Sang
Reka Nyari - Thuong Ngan
Reka Nyari - Routes
Reka Nyari - Le Jardin
Reka Nyari - Effect Papillon
Reka Nyari - L'Artiste
Reka Nyari - Fille de Reve (Dream Girl)
Reka Nyari - Dandelion
Reka Nyari - Gaia
Reka Nyari - Puncturing Process
Reka Nyari - Puncturing Process
Reka Nyari - Reka Portrait