Reka Nyari

Geisha Ink

GEISHA INK tells the intoxicating story of Ginzilla, revealing and subverting female archetypes through a visual exploration of sexuality, taboos, eroticism and culture.

Our depicted heroine, Ginzilla, was born into a traditional Japanese family of uncompromisingly strict conservative-values. The effect was suffocating to her wild heart, engendering acts of rebellion perhaps most visible as the arresting marks of defiance, written in

Reka Nyari - Blue Smoke
Reka Nyari - Kyoto Poetry
Reka Nyari - Hangyaku no (Rebel)
Reka Nyari - Reka Nyari Show
Reka Nyari - Geisha Ink Exhibition
Reka Nyari - Mizuake Intentions
Reka Nyari - Madame Butterfly
Reka Nyari - Dream of Geiko
Reka Nyari - Inked in Tokyo
Reka Nyari - Shallow River
Reka Nyari -  Whispers of Imouto
Reka Nyari - Reka Portrait