Reka Nyari

Blooming Ink

Blooming Ink is a part of my ongoing portrait series "Ink Stories", which explores women’s life stories and sexuality through their tattoos. This image portraits Charlotte, in BLOOMING INK, wearing a custom hand-made floral crown. She had been dealing with extreme shyness and social anxiety her entire life, causing her to withdraw and keep mostly to herself. Fascinated by the beauty of tattoos, she had the idea of covering her entire body

Reka Nyari - Wondered + Routes Installation
Reka Nyari - Idea
Reka Nyari - Efflorescence
Reka Nyari - Wondered
Reka Nyari - Best of the Bud
Reka Nyari - Nymph
Reka Nyari - Levitate
Reka Nyari - More Ideas
Reka Nyari - Reka Portrait