Luxury Fifth Dinner

Luxury Fifth Dinner

Andaz Hotel by Philippe Shangti

The Luxury Dinner series is one of the most emblematic by artist Philippe Shangti. It explores themes of excessive consumption, luxury society and superficiality in our modern world. Shangti uses symbole of wealth and opulence to criticize our obsession with appearances and image. He challenges the stereotypes of idealized beauty and questions the social norms imposed by the consumerist society. The Luxury Fifth Dinner is the fifth version of Luxury Dinner realized by the artist, all previous versions are gathered in the background, giving this effect of depth.

Available in the following sizes:

25 x 59 inches, Edition of 7

33.4 x 78.7 inches, Edition of 7

50 x 118 inches, Edition of 7 (On display)

Year 2023

Size 118 inches x 50 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Digital C print / Diasec Framed

Edition of 7

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Luxury Fifth Dinner