NO POLLUTION HERE | Philippe Shangti | Artist | Art Angels

Philippe Shangti


Philippe Shangti’s work makes people react and disturb their thoughts in order to make things change and evolve, he is convinced that mixing up shocking with beautiful is a perfect recipe to provoke and create memorable imagery.

The no pollution here series is a message very dear to Philiipe’s heart.

As a species humanity is creating a constant need to consume and we must evolve from that

The destructive nature of society is a deep evil which consumes all - we always want more.

The desire to be the greatest, the strongest and richest no matter the consequence is of huge detriment to the planet.

Shangti’s hope with this series is that we react before its too late and create a rebalance between comfort and preservation of our planet.

If we can control the pollution of the mind, which is the greed and need for more, perhaps this is will be the miracle we need to save our planet.