NoVirtues | Artist | Art Angels


NoVirtues is a London born pop artist who’s works reflect lifestyle, political and sexual themes that are both topical and provocative.

His custom resin skulls, known as “SKULLptures” have been displayed around the world with private viewings in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Milan and have been displayed to the public in shows including CartelArt’s London exhibition “Mutual Consent 2”.

Although having both a celebrity and royal following, NoVirtues has remained behind the scenes stating that he wants people to buy the art and not buy into the artist. He added: “In today’s world it seems more important to be bigger than the art you produce. So many artists care too much about ‘self branding’ rather than the artworks they create. Staying out of the spotlight lets me create art, make my statements and get it out there for people to judge”.

He adds: “Art is never defined by the artist, it only gets that label by how others see it”. Artist by day and time traveler by night he grew up influenced by street art across Europe and its uniqueness reflected by cultural differences in major cities around the world. Working with mixed medias his works included “NARCO-KE” a play on words using the infamous Pablo Escobar behind the most iconic of all brands finished on a sheet of aluminium, the “Cigars and Power” collection are hand painted on acrylic glass while his “GUNS” series are part silkscreen on canvas then finished with acrylic spray paints.

“Art is all around us but sometimes it’s more convenient to go see it inside a gallery”.