Nick Veasey

Victoria & Albert Museum X-ray Fashion Project

V&A collaborates with artist Nick Veasey to build first ever mobile x-ray art studio ahead of landmark exhibition on designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Ahead of the first ever UK exhibition on the fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, opening on 27 May, the V&A teamed up with x-ray artist Nick Veasey to create the world's first mobile x-ray art studio. In the studio, Veasey captured a series of beautifully crafted life-sized x-ray

Nick Veasey - Pair of Gloves
Nick Veasey - Mantua Dress
Nick Veasey - Riding Jacket
Nick Veasey - Evening Dress
Nick Veasey - Tulip Dress
Nick Veasey - X-ray of Balenciaga Evening Dress
Nick Veasey - Dolce Lingerie Love Tattoo
Nick Veasey - V&A Museum Installation