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Nick Veasey


X-ray image printed white onto retroreflective vinyl. A high intensity prismatic art piece that constantly interacts with light.

To create his images, Veasey uses very slow film which allows for no grain and produces an extremely clear capture. His x-ray equipment is unlike the type you find in hospitals. While a typical hospital x-ray is about 100 kilovolts and lasts 0.2 second, Veasey’s hard-to-find machine is much more powerful, going up to 200 kilovolts and emitting an x-ray for far longer – sometimes as long as 20 minutes.

Every image taken is to scale and captured on 35cm by 43cm (14”/17”) sections. That is more than enough room if he is x-raying a lightbulb, but for something like a VW Beetle, it means Veasey has to dismantle the whole vehicle, x-raying every single component individually – months and months of work.

Veasey eventually turns all his x-ray into digital files by scanning them on a 1980s drum scanner – “a beast of a scanner”, one that creates the “most fantastic, high-resolution” images, with much better detail than any other scanning device he has tried. The files are then imported to a computer and patiently stitched together digitally with the visible overlap of the numerous x-ray sections removed - WSJ

Nick Veasey - Goldfinger
Nick Veasey - Gold G-Wagon
Nick Veasey - Rat Pack Golden
Nick Veasey - Stormtrooper Diptych
Nick Veasey - Stormtrooper 'Dark Side'
Nick Veasey - Stormtrooper 'Light Side'
Nick Veasey - Flash