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Nick Veasey


British photographer Nick Veasey doesn’t use a regular camera. He uses x-rays to capture the inner workings and inner beauty of various objects large and small. Where a typical medical x-ray lasts all of 0.2 sec., his x-ray photo requires more like a 5 minute exposure. The x-ray image is the same size as the object being photographed, so you can imagine the amount of work involved when taking pictures of large objects like a car, a bus and an airplane. A mini cooper car can consist of 300 individual images of the doors, seats, tires, etc. all digitally reassembled into a photo. Where “people” pictures are concerned, he uses dead people and skeletons.

Now Veasey has taken this process to the next level with lenticular prints. Each lenticular work reveals movement through several images as the viewer moves around the piece.

As the viewer moves in front of the artwork, the movement within the image is revealed.

Nick Veasey - Muhammad Ali Lenticular
Nick Veasey - Marilyn Lenticular
Nick Veasey - Elvis Lenticular
Nick Veasey - Captain America - Worthy Lenticular
Nick Veasey - Batman vs Superman
Nick Veasey - Superman/Clark Kent