Machines by Nick Veasey

Available in two sizes:

39 x 15.5 inches

Edition of 25

59 x 23.55 inches

Edition of 9

The largest x-ray film is only 14 inches wide, so to capture items bigger than that — like this pair of DJ decks measuring 4 feet across — Veasey stitches together several shots in Photoshop.

Veasey borrowed a cargo x-ray scanner normally used to search trucks crossing into the US from Mexico to create this image. Once he scanned the vehicle, Veasey used Photoshop to populate it with skeletons and objects he shot separately (yes, he x-rayed a fedora). A hospital in White Plains, New York, commissioned the piece to celebrate the opening of its new orthopedic facility. The medical center's PR team had a promotional bus wrapped in the image drive around White Plains for nearly two months.

Size 39 inches x 15.5 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Digital C Print Diasec Framed

Edition 25

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