Nemo Jantzen


Nemo Jantzen’s exploration of perception and perspective mixes photography, pointillism, and pop art to create mixed media photo-compositions that question and deconstruct pop culture and mass media.

In an effort to explore and interrogate the powerful presence of visual culture in the modern world – Television, billboards, music, social media, magazines, and more – Jantzen has developed an aesthetic that feels both analog and

Nemo Jantzen - Glamour
Nemo Jantzen - Jetset
Nemo Jantzen - Cassablaca
Nemo Jantzen - Legally Blond
Nemo Jantzen - Face to Face
Nemo Jantzen - SunRays
Nemo Jantzen - Blue Skies
Nemo Jantzen - City Heat
Nemo Jantzen - Rock Your Mind