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Living Room With Pink Beams

Living Room With Pink Beams

Paintings by Michael Callas

Architectural appropriation has been a running theme in my work.

With the onset of the pandemic the interior spaces of our homes have become the temporary limits of our world, reinforcing the centrality that our dwelling spaces carry in our lives. I was drawn to a verity architectural magazines during this time. I began seeking out a scene of a Living Room. A metaphor of coming together became the foundation for the paintings. “Living Room in Pastel” and “Living Room with Pink Beams” were the result of this longing. Memories of family and friends gathering in the heart of the home overcame me.

Painting the same image in different colors came from a desire to see from different perspectives, while being able to tell different stories with the same image. Throughout the years, I have derived much joy in seeing how individuals and groups react to the same image with color being the only difference. Humanity's relationship to color is unique and idiosyncratic among people.

Moving forward I want give careful attention to what it means to be human. How do we relate to the world we’ve built around us?

Can color draw attention to beauty where we previously ignored it?

Size 108.25 inches x 72 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Spray paint

Edition Unique

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Living Room With Pink Beams