The Palette Of Life

The Palette Of Life

Paintings by Michael Callas

July 2022 Exhibition

Michael Callas is a Los Angeles based visual artist known for his architectural and renaissance works. He was raised in Southern California, where he started his career in the late 2000’s after leaving architectural school. Rooted in pop art, street art, and graphic design, Callas’ paintings consist of spray paint and precise stencil work. Intricately produced through a rigorous process of drafting, mapping, and hand-cutting individually cut templates before being transposed onto canvas with spray paint. Callas creates a surface that is uniform and rich in color. His unique process and work have captured worldwide acclaim.

Along a wall of this warehouse is a 20-foot long shelf stocked with an endless supply of aerosols meticulously coded by color and tone. In the corner, a spray plate sits stacked under a pile of hardened acrylic gloop--the culmination of tens of thousands of test sprays--at this moment drying into a sharp reflective chrome. There’s an atmosphere of orderliness in this studio: large paintings neatly slid into racks, the floor cleanly swept, not a single tool out of its box, not a single box unbuckled. It’s not what one imagines to be the typical artist’s habitat; there’s a forceful order to what happens here, the spirit of its host approaching something more of Henry Ford than Jean-Michel.

It was in this spirit, channeling great industrialists, the Greeks, the builders of civilization, that I saw Michael Callas peering out at the Los Angeles skyline as if it was his to build upon. And when you look at the 10-foot-tall painting of the artist sitting in a glasshouse perched cliff-side in the Hollywood Hills overlooking all of Southern California, you’ll see it too.

It’s the type of attitude you get from an artist who doesn’t regard the edge of the canvas as the limit of his pursuit. For Callas, all of Southern California and the world for that matter is fair game for the imagination to play out its visions.

Year 2021

Size inches x inches

Medium Spray paint and stencil on canvas

Edition Each work is unique


The Palette Of Life ×
The Palette Of Life