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Micah Johnson


Micah is a self-taught figurative artist who uses strong gestural lines combined with loose brush strokes to create dramatic portraits primarily featuring African-American children. These subjects, which are often inspired by his young nephews, began appearing in Micah’s work ever since he overheard his 4-year old nephew ask his mother a deeply disturbing question,

“Mom, can astronauts be black?”

Although Micah spent 7 years as a professional baseball player, you rarely see reference to his career in any of his works. He sees art as an independent journey with the opportunity to inspire a broader demographic around the subjects of racial equality, chasing your dreams without limitations, and the empowerment of young people.

With four black nephews and a daughter of his own all growing up during these historic times, he feels a deep obligation to ensure these moments and their experiences are documented through his art. This emphasis on preserving history has resulted in Micah working closely with tech companies to store and authenticate these physical works on the immutable and permanent blockchain.