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Spencer MAR Guilburt

‘MAR’ is a contemporary American artist and vibrant voice in and amongst the blossoming Los Angeles art scene. He paints with an extraordinary attention to detail and has a skill for eye-pleasing compositions. The meaning in his abstract work slowly unlocks through movement and rhythm- the interplay of color, shape and structure. MAR utilizes and explores the power of repetition and its ability to unlock greater insights. Through the use of shapes based loosely in the subtle curves and tight angles of geometric forms MAR developed his own visual language. These ‘Fire Flowers’ as he calls them, are more expressive and gestural, than they are mathematical. MAR builds and thrives on that tension. He uses color to portray a sense of feeling and bring the viewer closer to his heart. He manipulates and shapes these feelings through the selection and composition of color. More than anything, his paintings are feelings as much as they are imagery.

MAR first garnished the public’s attention in 2010 through his street art. His hand-drawn “shades of grey” prismacolor marker pieces could be seen adorning buildings, walls, utility boxes and light posts around the city. Each piece was a subtle juxtaposition of the delicate yet powerful female form and the harsh, unforgiving urban sprawl around it. Once the public began to embrace MAR’s street art, and street art in general, his fine art began to garnish attention of celebrities, major brands and collectors alike. He recently completed an installation for Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. Moving indoors and into galleries proved to be a place where his slow and methodical processes could be honed and expressed to the fullest.

MAR has completed many commissions and installations for people and companies like; Neiman Marcus, Red Bull, Disney, Smart Car/Mercedes Benz, Fiat Automotive, Mondrian Hotels, SBE, Modernica, Vans Shoes, Warner Brothers Records, ESPN XGames Air + Style, Hudson Jeans, Neff Headwear, Lucas Films, The Art of Elysium, Siren Studios, Solé Bicycles, Vestal, Lauren Moshi, Munchkin Inc., DJ Vice, Lomography, 1LOVE Foundation and the Marley Beverage Company. He has collaborated with artists: Michel Comte, Terry O’Neill, Mark “MADSTEEZ” Deren, Gregory Siff, Gino Miles, Annie Preece, Alex Mijares, Christina Angelina, Blanda Eggenschwiler, EASE, HomoRiot, Thank You X, and 2wenty. MAR and his work, were recently featured on a nationwide television interview for ABC Sports. His work is also seen online and in such publications as Unleashed, 12Oz. Prophet, Juxtapoz, Hypebeast, Complex, Angeleno, The Daily Mail, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, LA Canvas, Patron Magazine, Streetsy, Curve, The Red Bull Bulletin, Frank151 and LA Weekly. MAR’s work is now included in the Dean Collection alongside heavyweights like KAWS, Daniel Arsham and Kehinde Wiley.