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Lyle Owerko

Eagle Hunters

Owerko’s recent project, "The Mongolian Eagle Hunters” focuses on a dynamic group of pastoralists who live in the remote valleys of the Altai Mountains in the country's far west. Inhabiting one of the fiercest climates on the planet, Eagle Hunters define the edge between both warrior and nomad. Existing in equal symbiosis between Horse, Eagle, Man and Earth. To be an 'Eagle Hunter' is not merely a title to the Mongolians (of this most distinct environment), it is truly a holistic way of life that goes back to the times of Genghis Khan.

Part anthropology, part fine art these projects stand alone in their execution and study of human nature. Simultaneously magnificent and unsettling, Owerko’s meticulous images act as a historical record of peoples whose way of life is rapidly disappearing in the face of social upheaval, ecological shifts and the onslaught of rapidly changing cultural development.