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Laurent Badessi


By looking into photographic oeuvre of Franco-American artist Laurent Elie Badessi and its development throughout the years, one discovers not only the artist’s infatuated relationship with this medium, but also his inexhaustible curiosity about the world in which we live in, in all of its beauty and misfortunes. Coming out from many generations of photographers in his family, Badessi constantly investigates all the potentials of photography and its psychological impact in order to speak about humankind and its intricacies, both through the history and present time. For this artist, the approach to the medium and to the topics that fascinate him is far from spontaneous; each one of his series of works is a product of an extensive research, contemplation and exhaustive preparatory sketching. The works are informed by the artist’s studies of language and communication sciences, in particular journalism and advertising, as much as his interest in psychology and current political, social and ecological issues. His broad knowledge of art history, and mythology and symbolism imbedded in cultures around the world are often the anchor for talking about contemporary subjects and phenomena. Badessi is particularly intrigued by religious and cultural taboos revolving around nudity and sexuality, but also ponders on ramifications of war and military propaganda, man’s exploitation of nature, identity construction, and fragility and preciousness of life in its various forms.