Innocence | Laurent Badessi | Artist | Art Angels

Laurent Badessi


"Inspired by sculptor John Cahmberlain, Created with aluminum foil & Butterflies"

To create this series of photographs, Badessi came up with a technique that addresses some of the fascinating laws of physics that involve reflection of light. This project allowed him to approach the color theory on a unique way and to work with one of his preferred tools: Symbolism.

What makes the INNOCENCE series so unique is the fact that Badessi managed to exploit, with great relevance, the two main characteristics of the photography medium: the capturing of time in a fraction of a second and the use of light.

When creating these images he was even able to provoke some type of solarization. A very interesting photographic phenomenon based with light, which is primarily experienced when making a print in the darkroom. Using a technique that he will not disclose, Badessi managed to obtain that effect directly when taking the photographs and not when printing or in post-production with Photoshop.