Fragments | Laurent Badessi | Artist | Art Angels

Laurent Badessi


"Inspired by Rothko, created from butterfly wings"

FRAGEMENTS is Badessi's focus on abstract art with the medium of butterfly wings. To make the FRAGMENTS series appear painterly, Badessi used one of the most fascinating possibilities of photography, drawing with light. He was able to capture these abstract images by using a skillful technique. He dragged the shutter of the camera and kept the lends very close to the butterfly wings, while constantly moving the camera during the exposure.

The FRAGMENTS photographs were very much created in the manner of abstract expressionist paintings, where motion is an important part of the process and color is a major ingredient.

When looked at up-close, the large-scale FRAGMENTS photographs reveal extremely rich and diaphanous gradients in the sections where the colors meet. This quality gives the pieces a great depth and an ethereal feeling, with a spirituality that seems to emanate from within.