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Juliette Clovis

Juliette Clovis started drawing and painting very early in her childhood. Juliette has a degree in law, 2 years studying history of art at L’Ecole du Louvre and a graphics degree at L’Ecole des Gobelins. After spending 12 years Paris, Juliette now lives and works in Bordeaux, in south west of France.

In each piece Juliette reworks, revises and mixes ethnic codes. Historical, Art and religious references, along with imaginary and fantasy worlds create her strong and intriguing characters. The signature red mouths and differing colored deformed eyes intrigue and attract question. Queens, Madonna’s, geisha girls, divinities, warriors and chimeras can all be seen in Juliette Clovis’ creatures.

The work is a blend of reality and imagination, between spirituality and provocation, between coolness and sensualism.

The technique used by Juliette has an essential part in her work. The artist approaches each artwork as a piece of high fashion design on which she spends tens or hundreds of working hours for each piece. She hand cuts and sticks 5 or 6 layers of vinyl one by one onto Plexiglas.

It is encouraged to approach one of her creatures and even to dare to touch it to become aware of this unique technique which the artist has been improving her skills for ten years.