Josh Mayhem


There is an infinite flow of love and well being within our universe that permeates everyone and everything. It is in this flow we are truly meant to reside. What keeps us from doing so is our own imagination. Our, fears, worries and concerns keep many of us from the inherent peace and joy that is our birthright.

Los Angeles based artist Josh Mayhem's latest exhibition "Infinite Flow" intends to take the viewer to a place of ease

Josh Mayhem - Blown Into Space - White & Gold
Josh Mayhem - Blown Away Balloon Dog - Cookies & Cream
Josh Mayhem - Blown Away Balloon Dog
Josh Mayhem - SAVIOR - Matte Strawberry Cream
Josh Mayhem - Lolli-Drop Dreams
Josh Mayhem - WASTED - Crackled Rainbow
Josh Mayhem - Love Swept Mickey XL
Josh Mayhem - Snow White & The 7 Doors of Perception
Josh Mayhem - Blown Away Flyboy - OG
Josh Mayhem - Blown Away Mr. DOB A - Bronze Nebula
Josh Mayhem - WASTED - Pink Lava
Josh Mayhem - Blown Away Vader