Chocolate Girl

Chocolate Girl

Black And Gold Series by Ignacio Gana

The process known as ‘Lost-wax casting’ dates back 6000 years and Ignacio stays true to this age old technique.

The first step entails the artist envisioning the concept for a new series and from there allows his mind to run free and begins sketching ideas.

When the artist feels his sketches are ready to leave the page, he creates an armature wire sculpture of the sketch. He then applies clay to the wire sculpture and molds the clay into a 3D version of the original sketch on paper.

A rubber mold is created around the clay sculpture to make the negative mold. The negative mold is then encased with wax so the rubber will hold its shape during casting.

Once the wax has cooled, it is removed from the rubber mold and ‘chased’. A technique used to rub out parting lines and any additional imperfections. Resulting in the wax sculpture looking like the finished bronze piece.

The wax sculpture is dipped multiple times into a ceramic shell mold material. Once dry, the shell is heated which melts the wax inside resulting in a perfect negative mold.

The ceramic shell is then heated and filled with molten bronze. After the shell and has cooled, it is removed leaving the bronze sculpture underneath which is then sandblasted and polished by the artist. Different chemicals can be applied to the bronze to change the patina.

Year 2019

Size 21.5 inches x 48 inches x 18.75inches

Signed Yes

Medium Bronze on granite base

Edition 10


Chocolate Girl ×
Chocolate Girl