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Ignacio Gana

Ignacio Gana is a Miami-based Chilean sculptor whose work is figurative in style, with an elegant sensuality.

Each piece has a strong narrative, representative of his spectacular imagination and appreciation of the human form. The beautiful figures he creates are the embodiment of leisure and relaxation.

Gana’s paintings and sculptures are found in collections and museums such as: the Museum of Modern Latin American Art (MOLAA) in California, Museo Ralli Marbella in Spain, Ralli Museum in Chile, and the Guggenheim in Venice.

Recently named one of the 18 most influential artists in Miami, Gana was also chosen as the official artist of the Latin Grammy Awards in 2017.

Ignacio Gana currently works and lives in Los Angeles.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Winwood Art Fair , Miami, USA

Palm Beach Art Fair , Miami, USA

2015 “The Big Splash ” The Americas Collection Gallery , Miami. USA

“Sculptures, New Works” La Sala Gallery , Miami. USA

2012 “Inmersión / Extracción ” Expressiones Cultural Center “ Connecticut. USA “

“ Al agua Pato !!” Galería La Sala, Santiago . Chile

2011 “Intervened Works” Expressiones Cultural Center “ New York. USA

2010 “Esculturas , Oleos y Dibujos “ Galería Cecilia Palma , Santiago , Chile

2007 “New Works” Aldo Castillo Gallery , Chicago , USA

“Color´s” Galería La Sala, Santiago , Chile.

2005 “Deseo” Galería La Sala , Santiago , Chile.

2004 Exposición FAO, Oficina regional para América Latina y el Caribe.


Group Exhibitions

2011 MIA “The Miami International Art Fair“ Miami , USA

Harbour Towers , New London CT , USA

2010 Feria Ch.aco, Feria de Arte Chileno Contemporáneo, Chile

“50 Escultores Chileno “ Galería Cecilia Palma, Chile

Exposición Bicentenario Colección permanente Museo Ralli, Chile

2009 “ARTEahora” Latin American Art Fair, Chicago, USA.

“The Magical Narrative in Latin American Art”, The Americas Collection ,Miami, Estados Unidos.

2008 “ARTEahora” First Latin American Art Fair, Chicago, USA.

The Americas Collection & Rotsen Design. Miami , USA.

MOLAA Subasta 2008 “Contemporary Latin American Art ” Los Angeles, USA

2007 Shanghai Art Fair, China. ( Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, USA. )

SOFA, Art Fair Chicago ( Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, USA. )

Robert Morris Institute of Art & Design, Chicago , USA

Bienal de grabado, Casa de las Américas, La Habana ,Cuba.

2006 MOLAA auction “Contemporary Latin American Art ” Los Angeles, USA.

Galería The Americas Collection ,Miami, Estados Unidos.

Galería Praxis International Art.

Surreal! The Fantastic in Chile Today, Embajada de Chile en Washington, DC, USA.

The Latin American Art Exhibition “ Masters of the Imagination” New York, USA

2005 “Lineart “ Feria Internacional de Arte Gantes, Bélgica.