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Guillaume Arnoud

Guillaume Arnoud was born and lives in Nice, France, and spent his early childhood in South Africa. At the age of 10 he moved back to France, and then traveled around the globe to more than 70 countries.

The works exhibited are from his recent book Moments. He describes his subjects as "coming from themselves ... the frame too. The story follows — I do not ask myself questions; it is the image that expresses, that expresses itself. I see the picture as a poem, a natural harmony, an evidence...

"In this sense it must reflect the reality of the scene while offering the viewer to step back and start to appropriate, imagine it as it is or otherwise, elsewhere, before or later, with interest or not, a smile, a tear, an emotion or nothing, his own staging It is then, that no longer belongs to the photographer, the stolen moment is stolen from him and it is paradoxically what he wanted...

"Then remains only the aesthetic, the balance, the image in the pure sense, it is for me what must finally prevail beyond the story, beyond the subject...

"This might explain why I prefer a black & white image, with its full palette of nuances, from bright light to mystery Color would only come if absolutely needed in the aesthetics The photography must be beautiful, it is otherwise useless.”

A world traveler, entrepreneur, interior designer, photographer & artist, Arnaud's photographs and paintings are now collected worldwide.