Urban Cubism

Colors have their own rhythms, unique energy signatures that like notes gain depth and nuance through juxtaposition and sequence. In a painting, colors work to create and define space, optical movement, and emotional narratives. Painter Flore understands the symphonic power of colors at a foundational level, and for the past several years, his Urban Cubist works have deployed complex chromatic equations and witty texts to create unique,

Flore - Modern Painter & Nothing Hurts Anymore II
Flore - Bold & Beautiful
Flore - Remember When
Flore - They Open Doors
Flore - Ron Burgundy
Flore - The Lost and Found
Flore - Modern Painter
Flore - Radiant Child
Flore - Ninja Like Speed
Flore - Love Light and Peace
Flore - Boom For Real
Flore - Little Wolf
Flore - Robinhood
Flore - Soulful Alien
Flore - Modern Space Age Ralph
Flore - Dream
Flore - Charismatic
Flore - Bond
Flore - Best In The Show
Flore - Nothing Hurts Anymore II
Flore - Moonlight
Flore - Midnight Oil (Diptych)
Flore - Into Space
Flore - New York Is Calling Me
Flore - People Eater
Flore - Wisdom
Flore - The Lucky One
Flore - Deal In Light
Flore - The Light
Flore -  I Remember You
Flore - Homecoming
Flore - KAWS x Flore Installation
Flore - Flore x Eames Chair Installation
Flore - Purple People Eatr
Flore - Champion
Flore - The Soul
Flore - The Energy & The Soul Installation
Flore - FLORE - Architectural Digest Feature