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Urban Cubism

Colors have their own rhythms, unique energy signatures that like notes gain depth and nuance through juxtaposition and sequence. In a painting, colors work to create and define space, optical movement, and emotional narratives. Painter Flore understands the symphonic power of colors at a foundational level, and for the past several years, his Urban Cubist works have deployed complex chromatic equations and witty texts to create unique, jaunty, bustling, architectural canvases.

The artist was formally trained in art school and took a special interest in color theory and the optical dynamics of how color moves the eye and creates the effect of space within the surface, the sense of forward and retreating motion. As part of his evolution as an artist, he’s put in countless hours in the studio, pursuing a maturing technique and a fresh path to self-expression. “The Urbans are who I am, a hip hop street kid from Brooklyn,” he says, “but Modern is my taste. My heroes are Cy Twombly, Willem de Kooing, Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell… I’m an art nerd, what can I say?”

Flore - Don't Pet the Wolf
Flore - Purple People Eatr
Flore - Three Is Better Than One
Flore - Wild Fire
Flore - Different Strokes
Flore - Double Jeopardy
Flore - Midnight Oil (Diptych)
Flore - That Never Sleeps
Flore - Light Dealer
Flore - Urban Cubism Featuring Grey's Anatomy
Flore - Ocean
Flore - You Got The Juice
Flore - People Eater
Flore - Champion
Flore - Soul
Flore - Diamond Hands
Flore - Just For The Love Of It
Flore - A Beautiful Mess
Flore - All We Got
Flore - Lucky Charms
Flore -  I Remember You