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Urban Cubism

Colors have their own rhythms, unique energy signatures that like notes gain depth and nuance through juxtaposition and sequence. In a painting, colors work to create and define space, optical movement, and emotional narratives. Painter Flore understands the symphonic power of colors at a foundational level, and for the past several years, his Urban Cubist works have deployed complex chromatic equations and witty texts to create unique,

Flore - I Thought You Wanted To Dance
Flore - No Squares In My Circle
Flore - Take The Leap
Flore - Nothing Hurts Anymore II
Flore - Modern Painter
Flore - Homecoming
Flore - Boom For Real
Flore - Best In The Show
Flore - New York Is Calling Me
Flore - Deal In Light
Flore - Light Dealer
Flore - That Never Sleeps
Flore - Purple People Eatr
Flore - Be One
Flore - Different Strokes
Flore - Double Jeopardy
Flore - Midnight Oil (Diptych)
Flore -  I Remember You
Flore - People Eater
Flore - Champion
Flore - Diamond Hands
Flore - Just For The Love Of It
Flore - A Beautiful Mess
Flore - All We Got
Flore - Lucky Charms