The Modernist

Christopher Florentino aka Flore , celebrated contemporary fine artist known in the art world for his edgy Urban Cubist series has created a new body of work for the modern world inspired by the principals of Midcentury Modern design.

The intense consideration of each color, gesture, hard line and brush stroke is evident in this breath-taking series heavily inspired by Cy Tombly and Willem De Kooning and the midcentury modern era. In

Flore - Journey
Flore - Harmony Over Time
Flore - The Garden
Flore - The Energy
Flore - Exhibition Installation
Flore - Architectural Digest Feature
Flore - Crosby Street
Flore - Flore Installation at the Venice Biennale, Italy
Flore - Flourish - Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary
Flore - Street Music
Flore - Easy Like Sunday Mornings
Flore - Street Music Installation
Flore - Exploring Youth & Joan - Installation
Flore - The Blues
Flore - Italian Marble
Flore - Glory Be