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The Modernist

Christopher Florentino aka Flore , celebrated contemporary fine artist known in the art world for his edgy Urban Cubist series has created a new body of work for the modern world inspired by the principals of Midcentury Modern design.

The intense consideration of each color, gesture, hard line and brush stroke is evident in this breath-taking series heavily inspired by Cy Tombly and Willem De Kooning and the midcentury modern era. In what is set to be a defining method in an artist’s process, Flore delved into the past, meticulously creating the era he is most fond of as the setting in which to create the series.

Nearly all of the paintings in this provocative yet organic series were created in and inspired by the artists 1960s Gene Leedy-designed Midcentury Modern home.

“My art has been inspired by this house,” says Flore. “To me, it was a form of study living in a beautiful piece of architecture,” says Flore.

Like the equanimity of the unobtrusive principals of Midcentury Modern design, Flore’s The Modernist series creates space for his viewers to develop their own narratives alongside evoking introspective emotive moments.

The Modernist emerged surrounded by concrete and glass and sunlight-filled interiors made by midcentury icons such as Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Saarinen by Knoll, and Herman Miller. Beyond being infused with the essence of the midcentury modern era, the Simply Modern series is a result of the artist allowing for maximum freedom while painting.

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