The Modernist

As an artist who paints in the style of the New York School, I have created a new series called The Modernist. This collection represents my love for midcentury modern design, as well as my admiration for the abstract expressionist painters who have come before me, such as Cy Twombly, Willem Dekooning and Joan Mitchell. The Modernist series is a fusion of color field and gesture and action painting, resulting in large-scale, unique paintings

Flore - Romance Novel
Flore - Poetic Justice
Flore - Monday Morning
Flore - Throwing Daisies
Flore - Pink Panther
Flore - Rhythm
Flore - Blue Velvet Ivy
Flore - The Loft is my Ghost
Flore - Night at the Zoo
Flore - Autumn
Flore - Green Parrot
Flore - 40
Flore - What I've Been Waiting For
Flore - A Soulful Symphony
Flore - Snowing In June
Flore - The Beauty Is In The Details
Flore - Case Study
Flore - The Beginning
Flore - Yellow Brick Road
Flore - The Energy
Flore - Architectural Digest Feature