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Everyone Leaves With Something

Everyone Leaves with Something

As a New York native, Flore takes immense pride in his roots which have been deeply ingrained by a rich and chaotic culture. Drawing from his energetic mind and body channels, mixed with influence from artists such as Keith Haring, Jackson Pollock, Willem De Kooning and many more, he is able to rapidly express his thoughts, feelings and experiences onto canvas. Throughout his evolution as an artist, Flore has created a uniquely balanced and cohesive flow of colors, textures, and nuanced depth.

Flore’s “Urban Cubism” is a series containing passages of notes, slogans, affirmations, and expressive cartoon characters that are said to represent the fluidity of his thoughts. He often refers to these pieces as “the monsters of {his} mind.” In his progressive follow-up collection, “The Modernist,” Flore demonstrates his decomposed whirlwind of thoughts before they have been fully conceptualized to make it onto the “Urban Cubism” canvas. He draws inspiration from Mid Century Modern Design and icons such as Charles and Ray Eames.

As of 2020, Flore has expanded his works beyond the canvas and into the metaversal world of NFTs, allowing for his influences and creativity to surge during the technological art renaissance. His works continue to evolve as he becomes more intrigued with the crypto community and finds solace in the idea that we are collectively otherworldly beings. His most recent works explore his adoration for the Atomic Era - a time in which interests in outer space endeavors and Mid-Century Modern design collided.

In this exhibition, “Everyone Leaves with Something,” Flore encourages the viewer to manifest their own personal narratives from the evolution of his works. Placing all of his works together, they illustrate a galactic highway of channels and intertwining lines filled with energetic flow. He wishes to bring positivity and escapism to all who view his work, allowing everyone to leave with something.

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