Abundance by Subtraction

Christopher “Flore” Florentino operates in an atmosphere of fundamentalism. He creates what he feels, thus creating a feeling. Gesture. Color. Juxtaposing the two simply by the way he moves his brush.

In “Abundance by Subtraction,” Flore captures energy, the intrinsic element in all that has ever been created. What is portrayed on canvas - from color combinations to brush stroke blends - is an extension of his inner frequency,

Flore - Searching For the Muse
Flore - Paint the Fence
Flore - Joan Study
Flore - Poetic Justice
Flore - The Road to Redemption
Flore - Right Place, Right Time
Flore - Abundance by Subtraction
Flore - Exhibition Installation
Flore - No More Winter
Flore - La Biennale di Venezia Installation
Flore - I am writing you this letter
Flore - Gladiator
Flore - Morning Glory
Flore - City Of Water