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Las Transformistas of Havana

Art Angels is proud to present "Las Transformistas", by Eric Politzer.

"Las Transformistas of Havana" is a celebration of the performers in Havana's gay cabarets, both male to female transgenders and gay female impersonators. It celebrates their individuality, creativity, sense of confidence in who they are as individuals and their pride in being members of a larger community.

This collections offers a glimpse into a perviously underground world, the lives of extraordinarily courageous inhabitants of that world, and a part of Cuba rarely seen to the outside world that is suffused with the colorfulness, sensuality, and conviviality that so commonly are associated with Cuban culture as a whole. Just as gender-non-conforming individuals have played a critical role in furthering gay rights in the United States, so too Las Transformistas have been at the forefront of advancing gay rights in Cuba.

This exhibit will be featured at Art Angels gallery and will open June 4, 2016 and run until June 8, 2016.

The opening reception with the artist is, Saturday, June 4th from 7-10pm.