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With Love, Comes Freedom

With Love, Comes Freedom

Original Works by Elizabeth Waggett

One of Waggett's most iconic pieces, 'The Lobster', is lifted onto a pure 22k gold leaf background challenging its status and value through the form. Displaying the lobster in such large scale on a backdrop of 24 karat gold brings it to the forefront of the viewers conscience. Drastically altering the scope provides reflective contrast between true and imposed value of the subject.The lobster's value to our ecosystem is inherently greater than that which we have placed upon it. Such imagery displays flaws in detail and simultaneously evokes real human emotions of empathy, compassion and love.

Year 2020

Size 50 inches x 34 inches

Signed Yes

Medium 22 Karat Gold / Charcoal / Graphite and Inkon Cotton

Edition Unique

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With Love, Comes Freedom