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It's Nine O'Clock On A Saturday

It's Nine O'Clock On A Saturday

Storytelling by David Yarrow

Available in the following sizes:

52 x 63 inches

Edition of 12

71 x 88 inches

Edition of 12

"We all know how Billy Joel starts his classic song – Piano Man:

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday

The regular crowd shuffles in

I wanted to tell a story to match these lines.

The more I thought about what we could do, the more I felt it would be creative courage that would largely determine the strength of the image. I knew about a tamed wolf that would stand and put his front legs on a piano keyboard and I knew about some wonderful decaying buildings in the eerie and largely abandoned town of Gary, Indiana.

That was a start and then we needed permits and the support of the Mayor of Gary. Without access, we had nothing, and so much of the work went into the logistical process in the weeks before the shoot. Original content – and this is surely that – requires access as a precursor to anything else.

Over time the pieces fell into place. The toughest part was actually getting a grand piano into the Memorial Auditorium in Gary. Over 20 people were directly involved in making this picture happen." - David Yarrow

Year 2017

Size 63 inches x 52 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Archival Pigment Print

Edition 12

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It's Nine O'Clock On A Saturday