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Black Cat

Black Cat

Wildlife by David Yarrow

Available in the following sizes:

52 x 86 inches

Edition of 12

67 x 116 inches

Edition of 12


I try as much as possible to work against the light, not directly into the sun, but about 45 degrees either side of it. With a black leopard like this, there is no point even considering the light source, the brief is simply to hope to get something in the limited seconds available. As it happened, on this occasion, the light was almost exactly at that 45 degrees.

This panther roams within Kevin Richardson’s sanctuary and I do have privileged access, but that does not mean that we always succeed - far from it. It’s a strong portrait, made even stronger by her tail. What a magnificent cat." - David Yarrow

Year 2019

Size 86 inches x 52 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Archival Pigment Print

Edition 12

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Black Cat