David Uessem


Painter and sculptor David Uessem's oeuvre and work is based around growing because of and with his art, taking the viewers along in this viewing process but also repelling them again and again.

His large-scale paintings are unmistakable, unique. The artist has long developed his clear Uessem style - a distinctive mix of a hyperrealist style of painting and surreal composition. Again and again, we see the fascinating and confusing

 David Uessem - Summer Renaissance
 David Uessem - In Bloom
 David Uessem - Pink Cashmere
 David Uessem - Rise and Shine
 David Uessem - Beautiful Revolution
 David Uessem - All of the Stars
 David Uessem - Burning Red
 David Uessem - Land of Dreams
 David Uessem - Soul Rebel
 David Uessem - Beautiful Revolution - In the studio
 David Uessem - Summer renaissance - In the studio
 David Uessem - Burning Red - In the studio