David Uessem

Love Is A Verb

David Uessem presents point blank the dichotomy of perception versus reality. So often throughout his œuvre, imagery of the eyes can only be inferred as foil foils the viewer’s capacity to fully understand the subject. “Love is a Verb” demonstrates a denial of vulnerability, curiosity and passion from the depicted subjects amongst a sea of other sentiments.

Uessem’s hyperrealist painting style is characterized by immense

 David Uessem - True Colors
 David Uessem - True Colors - Artist Studio Visit
 David Uessem - Gold Rush
 David Uessem - Love is a Verb
 David Uessem - Take Shelter
 David Uessem - Happier Than Ever
 David Uessem - A Sky Full Of Stars
 David Uessem - Hold My Heart
 David Uessem - Love Is A Verb