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David Drebin


Showtime is the spectacular new series of photographs and neons from world renowned photographer David Drebin. The high-glamor photographic world of David Drebin is filled with equal parts sex appeal, intrigue, fantasy, and danger. There’s a cinematic quality to his stylish images, as though the viewer has stumbled upon a moment caught at the height of the action. The viewer is a voyeur, lured in by Drebin’s femme fatales, watching events occur, but removed from them. It is the slick, saturated beauty of the photographs.

Disarmingly blunt, yet often intensely intimate, David Drebin’s new light installations illuminate the secret thoughts and veiled aspirations of the femmes fatales who inhabit the elusive world of his iconic photographs. Inspired by love and other stories, Drebin monumentalizes the innermost workings of the heart, articulating truths that are often overlooked and taken for granted. Presented in a smoked acrylic box, each piece is produced in a very limited edition and is fabricated with the highest levels of craftsmanship.

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