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Daniel Allen Cohen

Daniel Allen Cohen is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work depicts an oft tongue-in-cheek commentary on American youth culture. He combines painting, wood, acrylic, metal work, graphic design and digital art to convey his fiction or factual-based narratives. Daniel's versatility as an artist pushes him to experiment with color-changing paints and transferring inks from paper to the surface of his art pieces. He sees that there's still uncharted territories, which drives the possibility of doing something that hasn’t been done before.

Precious Bars, new work from the series "This is Addictive" by artist Daniel Allen Cohen features “fame sized” candy bars with the ingredients being wealth and opulence to give a taste of nostalgia and visual eye candy. Cohen’s unique juxtaposition of bank notes and precious metals with iconic candy themed wrappers serve as a statement of how “candy is to children as money is to adults.” These pieces are rich with flavor and guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth of the contemporary culture.