Suspension | Brian Atchley | Artist | Art Angels

Brian Atchley


“Suspension Series,” depicts dynamic poses of men and women in the nude suspended in mid-air by bands of latex. Working for many years as an agency producer led Brian to observe the stark contradiction in the way images are produced and consumed. Although magazines present models posing flawlessly and seemingly candid, the photographic process is fraught with tension, manipulation and pain. Atchley’s work explores the idea that often, the most beautiful poses are those that are most contrived: friction between choreographer and dancer, coach and athlete, photographer and model. With every movement consumed by a spectator, there lies a power imbalance between the person we see “doing” and the director telling her what to do. The “Suspension Series” attempts to obfuscate the extent to which a performer’s ability to move freely is indeed hers. It poses the question; when we perform, are we truly the artist or the art itself?

Brian Atchley  - Study of Jackson 1
Brian Atchley  - Study of Celena