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Brendan Murphy


A Window Into Your Soul. Symbols that provoke curiosity, messages that promote thought and equations that signify the complexities of the inner heart. Such is the compelling swirl of paintings, sculptures and concept pieces emerging from the studio of L.A.-based Brendan Murphy. Charged with color and immediacy, his work explores the abstruse nature of the human spectrum of emotion--musing on everything from fear and uncertainty to the random and sometimes nonsensical decisions of the heart—demanding an awareness and dialogue with viewers. Mentored under iconic New York painters Eric Fischl, David Salle and Ross Bleckner, with celebrity fans like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovik and pieces represented in over 600 private collections and at every major art fair, Murphy is one to watch.

Fresh over a major solo show in London last year, this is an artist currently entering new heights of his creative power, with works that read like a book into the inner workings of anyone who is fortunate enough to stand face to face with his captivating series. With a potential and drive that is limitless, Murphy invites collectors to delve further into the inner workings of their mind and find themselves within each of his pieces. And in a post-COVID-19 world, where connection is craved and emotions are explosive, his is a voice poised to resonate even more profoundly.

Think of the movie A Beautiful Mind for a glimpse into Murphy’s own brain and process. The artist predominantly uses symbols, shapes, and words to fill vast surface areas, for an abstract effect that’s science class chalkboard meets Jean-Michel Basquiat canvas. The writing in his works is pointedly haphazard and littered with everything from lyrics to words like love, lust, and passion. By design, it not only provokes a visual conversation on sight but prompts a deeper gut check too.

Murphy uses a wide range of impactful materials, tools and a patent-protected chroming technique to create his range of work. His spacemen sculptures and some of his fingerprint paintings, when crafted using a reflective silver-based chrome, cause viewers to quite literally confront themselves while gazing at his work. The spaceman, according to Murphy, is the embodiment of the human desire to look ahead and venture beyond boundaries, to step into the unknown and be present in the moment—to Murphy, that’s the purest form of existence. He’s continually inspired by the interplay of beauty, power and the human need to understand the energies of life.

“Inspiration for my work is exploring how we process emotions, the internal struggle that’s shared by everyone,” says Murphy. “Landing on a feeling is a very abstract process, it's never A+B=C. And mathematically, the use of universal symbols like the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence or circles lays a foundation of subconscious connection. These are forums that exist inside all of us.”

Brendan Murphy - Boonji Spaceman Purple
Brendan Murphy - Desire & Love Sculptures
Brendan Murphy - Desire & Love, Pink
Brendan Murphy - Desire & Love, Red
Brendan Murphy - Desire & Love, Blue
Brendan Murphy - Desire & Love, Purple
Brendan Murphy - Life is a jigsaw (Rose Gold)
Brendan Murphy - Life is a jigsaw (Gold & Purple)
Brendan Murphy - Yoga Girl Sculpture (Blue)
Brendan Murphy - Kobe
Brendan Murphy - Truth Or Dare (Pinocchio)
Brendan Murphy - Hearts installation at Hodges Bay
Brendan Murphy - Yoga Girl Sculpture  ( Purple)
Brendan Murphy - Boonji Spaceman Big Foot Gold
Brendan Murphy - Boonji Spaceman Big Foot (Black)
Brendan Murphy - Boonji Spaceman - Purple
Brendan Murphy - Love Matters