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Brendan Murphy


Think of the movie A Beautiful Mind for a glimpse into Murphy’s own brain and process. The artist predominantly uses symbols, shapes, and words to fill vast surface areas, for an abstract effect that’s science class chalkboard meets Jean-Michel Basquiat canvas. The writing in his works is pointedly haphazard and littered with everything from lyrics to words like love, lust, and passion. By design, it not only provokes a visual conversation on sight but prompts a deeper gut check too.

“Inspiration for my work is exploring how we process emotions, the internal struggle that’s shared by everyone,” says Murphy. “Landing on a feeling is a very abstract process, it's never A+B=C. And mathematically, the use of universal symbols like the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence or circles lays a foundation of subconscious connection. These are forums that exist inside all of us.”