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Beau Dunn

Neon Installations

Do you see your designs as a direct reaction to growing up in LA? Or do you think they apply to many parts of the world?

It’s worldwide…any major city. It’s not even just talking about the cities that I’ve lived in, it started off as a series just for fun because it’s little girls holding signs saying “need money for boob job, need money for botox, need money for Birkin” and then I had some boys, but I think they got taken down. So it started as a photography series, but then it went into neon.

It’s an issue worldwide with kids getting whatever they want. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, what kids are seeing through the TV and the internet and all this stuff, any young celebrity can post something and kids want it. It’s more kind of directed towards generation now and the access that kids are getting whether it’s through the parents or social media.