Barbie | Beau Dunn | Artist | Art Angels

Beau Dunn


Let’s start by talking about plastic. You use Barbies in a lot of your designs. What made you choose this medium?

I was a tomboy growing up. So its pretty ironic, but then as the years went on I got girlier and girlier. My dad owns a toy company so I was always immersed with children’s toys and products. He would come home with really cool toys and ideas and we’d be like, making models and prototypes on the kitchen table with hot glue. He always worked with Mattel or Sanrio so I was always immersed in that world.

So, I kinda just had a merger of everything. I was like, I think it’s such a great iconic doll, its so controversial on different levels, especially coming from Beverly Hills. I think there are so many avenues of plastic. Obviously when you live in LA it’s the city of glitz, glam, Hollywood, it’s kind of the perfect fit to explain where I’m coming from. Kind of a play on the world that I live in. I also make what I want to have in my house. I have a hard time because I hang the Barbie pieces up in my house and when I had to send them to my gallery I was so devastated.

I’m in my 20s, and we’re starting to learn about the art world that has changed so drastically from my parents’ generation because we have the internet now. Before, you would go to a gallery and that was the only way to purchase art. It’s very old school, but my dad still has galleries. Nowadays everything is so accessible with Instagram and email and all this stuff. I could just look up an artist online or on Instagram and email them directly.